Fees & Insurance

CMH, LLC does not participate with any insurance plans, nor bill them directly at this time. A statement for fees paid can be provided at each visit for submission to the insurer for reimbursement as the plan allows.

Payment is due at the time of service via cash or credit card.  
If paying with a Health Saving Account card, please be sure there are adequate funds in the account to cover the cost of services. Please bring an additional credit card to be used should there be a problem with your HSA or other card.

******* A credit card on file is necessary for all patients/parents.

Appointment Fees   

  • Initial Evaluation/ Consultation:  $300
  • Medication Management Follow Up:   $125 

Late Cancellations
Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a fee of $50. If this becomes a common occurrence, appointment compliance and possible transfer of care will be discussed.

No Shows
Appointments missed with no notification are subject to a fee of $125 (cost of appointment). Payment is required before scheduling another appointment.

Telepsychiatry (Available at Prescriber discretion)
This option may take the place of face to face office visits for those without the need for physical monitoring (ie., blood pressure monitoring), are generally stable, and/or those having to drive a great distance. Fees for this kind of encounter are the same as for face to face office visits as they require the same amount of time, thoughfulness, professional liability, and the additional cost of HIPAA compliant software. Participation in this service requires a credit card on file prior to the first Tele-Psych encounter if this has not already been provided by existing patients. This is only an option for follow up appointments for established patients.


Genetic Testing Consultation 

While most private insurers cover the cost of the actual testing, they do not cover provider time spent formally reviewing, consulting with the genetic testing firm and the personalized write up with specific treatment recommendations. An additional one-time service fee of $75 will be applied to the followup appointment in which results are discussed.

Administrative Fees  
CMH does not employ staff for such tasks as obtaining pre-authorizations for medications, form completion, or calling in refills. Thus, additional fees may be incurred for the following: 

Calling/sending in refills in between appointments:   Repeated requests for this service may be reflective of non-compliance with appointments and thus treatment.  Repeated requests will be charged a $55 fee. 
Office visits are required for all new prescriptions. You are responsible for keeping track of your medication supply and scheduling appointments accordingly (this does not apply if the Prescriber has instructed you to call for a refill).

Paperwork Completion Fees - Associated fees are based on time spent

  • Medication administration forms for school - no charge (please complete all of the parent portion before providing to Prescriber)
  • Letter of diagnosis for school - no charge
  • FMLA/ Disability forms - $50
  • Case/ Treatment written summary for another provider or entity (at patient/parent request) - $75-$125 depending on amount of information required and time spent preparing (time is based on appointment fees, i.e,. 30 min = $125)


Fees are subject to change dependent on community standards and fair market value for services.