Tele-visit Instructions

Tele-visits are available for any existing patient under most circumstances. They are scheduled the exact same way as office visits via this website.  When you are making an appointment, you will see a drop down menu of services. Choose "tele-visit".  If you are not typically a 'tele-visit' patient, please send me an email alerting me as such. The kind of appt doesn't automatically appear on my screen calendar.

  • Tele-visits are conducted the same as office visits.
  • You must have a valid credit card on file. 

Tele-visits are like Skype or Facetime, but conducted through a HIPAA approved tele-health web platform. 

There is a link for the "virtual waiting room". You click on that link and sign in.  The link is always the same.

Please sign in on-time or you may have to reschedule. Tele-visits tend to be quicker than office appts so I schedule them in 15 min intervals vs 30 min like in the office.

If you are connecting on a phone, please go to your SETTINGS and enable "DO NOT DISTURB". Any incoming calls WILL knockout the audio or video.

Important: if on a pc, you need to have Google Chrome

                 if on an Apple Device, must have "DoxyMe" app from app store installed

 PLEASE make sure you have a strong internet connection!!!

***Make sure your device camera AND microphone are enabled prior to signing in..