What is Genetic Testing and How Does it Help?

CMH partners with a well respected genetic testing company Genomind. A simple cheek swab can provide valuable individualized information such as:

  • which psychiatric medication may cause you more side effects
  • which medications may not work at all for you
  • whether you are more prone to such things as PTSD, depression, or anxiety
  • deficiencies in critical enzymes required for making neurotransmitters such as Serotonin
  • how 'excitable' your brain may be
  • deficiencies in proteins necessary for neuronal development and plasticity
  • how quickly (or slowly) you metabolize medication (critical for tolerance and dosing

What genetic test is NOT:  Diagnostic. It will not reveal whether you have ADHD, Bipolar Disorder etc (however, there are certain gene variations that occur more often with certain diagnoses)

How do you get this genetic testing?:

  • go to the New Patient tab and complete the basic appointment request form, indicate your interest in the testing
  • you will receive an email with available appointment times 
  • initial appointment 60-90 minutes to obtain complete history (the testing itself is not useful without this); obtain sample (cheek swab)
  • you will receive an email instructing you to schedule a follow up appointment once the testing and a phone consultation is complete
  • follow up appointment- discussion and explanation of all results with specific treatment recommendations (this is not always just medication). NOTE: This is a 'behind the scenes' time intensive process

NOTE:  This is a 'behind the scenes' time intensive process for the provider. An additional one-time fee will be added to the regular follow up appointment fee.